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We Are a Digital Imaging Practice: Proud Owners of an iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner

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Getting impressions of your teeth to create orthodontic appliances used to be a messy, uncomfortable affair. But at Elite Orthodontics, Ammar Al-Mahdi, DDS offers easy, mess-free digital scanning to customers in Falls Church and Fairfax, Virginia using the iTero scanner. Call the office or book an appointment online to take advantage of this revolutionary way to get dental impressions.

What are the advantages of using a digital scanner for impressions?

The iTero scanner, developed by Align Technology of San Jose, California, allows Dr. Ammar to take highly accurate digital impressions of your teeth and jaw. No longer does he need to have you bite down into trays of putty.

The iTero scanner eliminates this unpleasant old-fashioned putty technique, which often required multiple tries to get an accurate model. The scanner ensures an accurate impression from the start, meaning you get improved treatment and a more comfortable experience.

The scanner gives Dr. Ammar the opportunity to see your teeth instantly in 3D, so he can develop the most accurate and effective treatment plan. The scanner offers better images, so your appliances fit better, shortening treatment time. Your dental office visit could be up to 30 minutes shorter with the use of the digital scanner.

How does the iTero digital scanner work?

The iTero scanner digitally captures the look and structure of your teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. The scanner consists of a hand-held wand that’s gently glided over your mouth. Dr. Ammar can start and stop the scan as often as needed. The 3D image of your mouth is transmitted to a screen that both you and the doctor can see clearly.

The scanner uses radiation-free laser energy and produces an image within two to three minutes. The image that results is a digitally perfect, 3D impression of your teeth, gums, cheeks, and other soft tissue.

What types of treatments benefit from digital scans?

A digital scan helps Dr. Ammar get a good idea of your entire oral health and jaw structure. This informs his treatment plan and influences the types of therapies he recommends – whether that’s braces, Invisalign®, an expander, retainer or other oral appliance.

Through digital scans, you’re able to observe your progress during treatment. You can see the shape of your smile transforming through orthodontic care.

To learn how your orthodontic treatment can be improved with the use of a digital scanner, call Elite Orthodontics or book an appointment online today.

3D Printing

Elite Orthodontics is the first in the area to implement detailed 3D printing from digital oral scans to help with accurate treatment planning and appliance development. 3D printers produce highly detailed retainers and fast aligners, saving you both money and time.

We are proud at Elite Orthodontics to be the first in the area to implement the detailed 3D printing in our practice. 3D printing is adding a great value to guarantee comfortable, extremely accurate treatment planning and actual appliances. We can use 3D printers to produce a high detailed fully digital retainers, and express fast aligners cases which save patient time and cost. Come to our practice Elite Orthodontics by Ammar Al-Mahdi DDS and enjoy the 3D technology implementation.