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Congratulations. If you are looking at our website, it means you are already thinking about bringing your smile to the next excellent, attractive level.

Studies have shown that a beautiful smile is a vital factor in high self-esteem and self-image. It fosters momentum toward positive impact in life for both adults and young adolescents. We believe that every person is beautiful when he or she perceive themselves that way, and that for every person, there is a specific smile style that harmonizes with their look.

It requires a comprehensive education to be an orthodontist, but it takes even more vision, attention to detail, and artistic skills to create an excellent orthodontist — one who can envision you, your smile, and your personality, and give you the best out of his hands to satisfy you, and satisfy his desire for excellence.

I am Dr. Ammar, and it is my life mission and passion to create that specific and customized smile which fits you and only you.

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